Voting Resources

Whether or not you are a first-time voter, resources to help you vote and to help others to vote are readily available!

Do you need information on how to register and vote in your state? 
Are you a high school student wanting to help organize Get Out the Vote efforts?
Are you a young person looking to become more involved in civic engagement activities in your state or local community, including voter registration and getting access to the polls?
Are you a college student, faculty member, or administrator interested in helping to protect the right of students to vote, as well as developing and implementing campus-based action plans to increase access to the polls and student turnout?
Do you want to become a poll worker and help your precinct run an accurate and efficient election?
Do you want to know what to do on November 3 if you have problems with voting or see that others are having problems?
Do you want to become even more of an expert on voting laws in your state?


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